Data Collection Service is the most convenient way to extract data from web pages in short span. Data Collection software automatically scans, indexes and gathers information from different pages. We have a qualified team of software engineers to execute great results with comfort, trust and ease in short span.

Users who don’t want to waste their time in unnecessary cut -copy-paste operations to extract data from various sites, need to get switch to our data extraction technology to grab information of various fields of preferences. Unlike standard search engine, this data collection tool will index content from all those pages the way you want..

Don’t wait to start your hunt with data collection services, this gives you all required information in customized format for example Excel, Access, CSV, Text, MS SQL, and My SQL or any other according to your preference.

Simply send us your project details for collecting data:

• Which web sites you are targeting?
• What data you need to extract?
• The number of search results required?

Send us your output preferences.

Advantages of Data Collection Services & Software’s

• Software’s provides multi-threading facility.
• Get Sales leads from collected data
• Data extraction software’s help in market research and analysis.
• To understand the competition in market.
• To understand industrial/financial/economical and market related analysis.
• Data Collection Tool provides the competence of installing the whole software in your personalized system.

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