1st Art Gallery Scraper

1st Art Gallery Scraper


1st Art gallery scraper is a worm that browses the web site in a very organized, machine-controlled manner and provides the info from web site with pictures and relevant details for all the paintings.Stop! wasting your precious time in scrapping information from varied sources. Why don’t you are attempting “1st Art gallery Scraper” It’ll not solely alter the information extraction method however conjointly avoid wasting extracted data in custom-built format.

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1st Art gallery Scraper highlights
botguruz Extracts information from all classes from website: www.1st-art-gallery.com/
botguruz Manage and schedule scrapes from provided net interface.
botguruz Exports the extracted information into Microsoft Access information, Microsoft Excel (CSV), Text (TXT), HTML, XML, SQL script, MySQL script files.
botguruz Extract any target information (text and images) from varied sites on the web site.
Additional highlights & Services
botguruz Provides customized data
botguruz Supports multiple Proxies at all operating systems
botguruz Data collection Services with annual contract
1st Art gallery Scraper fetches the data from 1st-art-gallery.com for listed below formats
Artist / Subject / Name of Painting / connected Tags / Original dimension / Original Height / Original Sizes / Prices / sale price / OAR Width1 / implement Height1 / OAR Price1 / Discount1 / OAR Width2 / implement Height2 / OAR Price2 / Discount2 / OAR Width3 / implement Height3 / OAR Price3 / Discount3