Bluenile Scraper

Bluenile Scraper


A brief sketch

Automates your work or either you want to waste your liable time and efforts? Then gather information from all sites at one sheet? Wish to avoid wasting extracted information to your own custom format?“ Scraper” is your choice! A Bluenile Scraper is a malicious program that browses the website in an exceedingly organized, machine-driven manner. Scraper will profit any soul willing to induce the maximum amount productivity and luxury from the browsing method as potential.


botguruz Product highlights
Bluenile Scraper highlights
botguruz Extracts information from all classes from Bluenile web site
botguruz Scrapes and store pictures in a different folder
botguruz Extracts any target information like text and images from varied sites on the web site.
Additional highlights & Services
botguruz Browse and scrape ‘Bluenile Database’ categories and Sub-categories to your local database.
botguruz Collects information of all categories with annual contract
botguruz Supports multiple Proxies at all operating systems
Bluenile Scraper extracts information from for listed below fields
Setting Name / Stock Number / URL / Style / Price / description / Setting Image / Image name For Setting Image / Setting Image2 / Image name For Setting Image2 / Setting Image3 / Image name For Setting Image3 / Setting Image4 / Image name For Setting Image4 / Diamond_Image1 / Diamond_Image2 / Image name For Diamond_Image2 / Image name / Shape Name / Metal / Carat Min / Carat Max / Setting info / aspect Stone info / Band info for Matching Sets / Band Diamond info / Band Stock variety / Individual value