Custom Extraction Software

Custom Extraction Software


Custom Extraction Software enables you to monitor your target websites quickly and accurately. You can experience this better than you ever felt before. Our custom internet Browsing automaton browses your target websites mechanically at often scheduled intervals.

Custom Extraction Software entries the information from CSV file, Excel sheet or MS Access on your target website. If you have giant number of accounts which you need to transfer you would like transfer them to your on-line store.

Our software automatically logins, account for changes in the source websites and extracts information and copy those to some other application in a specific format given by you.


botguruzScrapes detail of embassy everywhere the world
botguruzScrapes information quickly and easily.
With our custom search engine you are able to get the data in an auto-driven
format botguruz navigates from one page to another, automatically
botguruz extracts information and organizes them into usable database


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