Facebook Data Extractor

Facebook Data Extractor


A brief sketch

Facebook- A great innovation and also a great social networking site which is increasingly important for everyone to interact with each other.Face book data Extractor enables you to extract valuable information from Face book and integrate it into your business easily and accurately. These data can thus assist you to come up with a lot of businesses. Face book information Extraction is a tool that captures all the information’s required.


botguruz Product highlights
Facebook data extractor highlights
botguruz Easy to use and generate accurate results as well as user friendly.
botguruz Extracted information keep in CSV format, which may simply be opened in surpass.
botguruz High speed and multiple search threads for nonpareil potency.
botguruz Compatible for all the operating systems and supports Net framework 2.O
botguruz Provides One screen dash board that can ease up your operation.
Facebook Data Extractor fetches data from website for following fields
Keyword / location / First name / Last name / URL / Country / Postal Code