Job scraper

Job scraper


A brief sketch
No doubt, that seeking job for each category on by one and for every location is a tedious job. is a leading on-line enlisting web site, dedicated to produce the career opportunities. Many enlisting agencies and employers are joined to those sites. If we want to check two or more jobs at the same time also at a single database, it will just like our dream. Now to follow your dream career the jobsite scraper permits you to seek out all the roles and openings directly in single shot. That is in the form of an excel or MySQL sheet which gets stored automatically.

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botguruz Product highlights
Job scraper highlights
botguruz Get the mass data during a single sheet.
botguruz Connect on to the leader with their email and phone.
botguruz Compare the leads to single read.
Job scraper extracts data from for listed below fields
Job Title / Description / Job Type / Location / Salary and more