Kijiji Scraper

Kijiji Scraper


Did you ever thought of extracting data from automatically, without wasting your single time and efforts on manual operations? Have you ever wished of or you want to gather knowledge from distinct pages of website? Happy! To inform you that, it’s very possible with “Kijiji Scraper”. It’s your best choice! It’s implausibly quick and versatile website handy tool that scrape detail with email address. Kijiji scraper can save lot of time and money and take away the possibility of manual errors.

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The big shows over Kijiji extractor are-
botguruz Scrapes details such as town, subcategory, title, email, description and URL
botguruz Extracts knowledge from all classes listed on and automatically stores in a predefined Excel/CSV formats.
botguruz User friendly as well as offers quick learning terms
Additional highlights & Services
botguruz Multiple Proxy Support
botguruz Information assortment Services
botguruz Yearly Maintenance Contract
Kijiji Scraper fetches data for the following fields:
botguruz Category / Sub Category / Title / Email / URL / Product / Product details / Price / Date Posted

Kijiji Scraper Lite Version