LinkedIn Data Extractor

LinkedIn Data Extractor


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking web site. Whether you’re longing for a career chance, winning new purchasers or building your skilled name, LinkedIn connects you to jobs, sales leads and ideal business partners. With our powerful tool, company analysis tools and a jobs board that shows who you recognize at listed firms, LinkedIn is that the place to show for brand new opportunities.

LinkedIn data Extractor is an especially helpful desktop tool which can login into your linkedin account and extract various data. These data can so assist you to come up with a lot of businesses.

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LinkedIn Data Extractor highlights
botguruz Extracted knowledge keep in CSV format, which might simply be opened in surpass.
botguruz Provides high speed and multiple search threads for nonpareil potency.
botguruz Extracts knowledge as per your alternative.
botguruz Extracts the specified knowledge regardless of however advanced or massive information
botguruz Performs filtered Search by Skipping data that doesn’t match phrases or keywords.
LinkedIn data Extractor fetches data from for listed below details
Keyword / location / First name / Last name / URL / Country / Postal Code