Service Magic Scraper

Service Magic Scraper


Service Magic Scraper precisely is a Visual Service Magic handy tool with least efforts! Service Magic Scraper is a program that provides you with advance info for various product and services also with every details from Service Magic web site. The tool is totally machine-driven and needs terribly less human effort.

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Service Magic Scraper highlights
botguruz Extracts information from whole web site pages for various classes and sub-categories
botguruz It’ll minimize possibilities of obtaining your main IP address to block.
botguruz Offer info with truly different and innovative operations.
botguruz Keyword Search and Extract solely distinctive records
botguruz Magic Scraper encompasses a feature wherever you’ll use IP address.
botguruz Record web content browsing mistreatment bundled Proxy Server
botguruz Browse and scrape Servicemagic business classes and Sub-categories
botguruz Unlimited Articles Extraction
botguruz Extract any target information from numerous web content on the web site
Service Magic Scraper extracts data from for following fields
Categories / sub-categories / sorting by Country / City / state and postal code / Business_Name / Contact Name / number / address / City / State / Zip_code / Category / Areas_Served / Rating_Score