Textbooksrus Scraper

Textbooksrus Scraper


Over the years, TextbooksRus.com has seen substantial growth in customers, sellers, and business partners. They have a tendency to be proud to continue growing and exploring new avenues for book sellers and book patrons.Early in 2008, Bookstores.com is a marketplace just like the one offered by TextbooksRus.com with a lot of world feel. Together with the creation of Bookstores.com came our free web-based inventory management system for booksellers, Optima. Optima were developed and are maintained in house by our older technical development workers.

TextbooksRus.com is one of the largest online textbooks providers for all categories of books and authors. And textbookrus scraper scrapes all the information about books and authors within short period of time.


botguruz Acting Vocational Guidance
botguruz Actors Biography
botguruz Commerce
botguruz Commercial art
botguruz Construction Industry and lot more…
You can get many more categories of textbooks there, which is not possible for anyone to collect all the details in less time. Thus we have textbooksrus scraper to scrape the following fields listed below and stores these collected data in a defined database format:
Book title / Description / Book author / Edition / Publisher / Binding / Pages / Size / Language / Book price / ISBN