Twitter Scraper

Twitter Scraper


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Are you fed with the slow and efforts on manual cut-and-paste operations?

Are you doing same operations again and again to get the details you are looking for?“Twitter Scraper”

is your choice! Our software system helps you to retrieve “public” data from various websites and adding it to your local database.

“Our Twitter”

Scraper is a great tool that takes input sheet with profiles of twitter member is mentioned. Then it’ll take one by one name and visit to seek out following and follower of that member. This operation continues for all members and scrapes all followings and followers of all Twitter members. Once scrapping all information it’ll store information into your mySql info.

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botguruz Product highlights
Twitter Scraper highlights
botguruz Save extracted information into MySql database
botguruz Extract all following and follower of all Twitter member
botguruz Scrapes information despite however advanced or massive and supply it to you in any format required
botguruz Good speed and multiple search threads for unequalled potency
Additional highlights & Services
botguruz Supports multiple Proxies at all operating systems
botguruz Unlimited data Extraction
botguruz Extract any target knowledge from numerous sites on the web site.
Twitter Scraper fetches data from for following fields
Profile name / Email / No. of Tweets / No. of Following / No. of Followers