Website Keyword Monitor

Website Keyword Monitor


A brief sketch
Website keyword monitor uses pre-defined keywords or phrases to search your relative webpage’s like News, Forum website, Blog website, Download website, video website, etc and then stores those data to your local databases.With this product one can track the data at scheduled intervals.

This strong resolution is designed to watch target sites across the net for content updates as well as modifications to text, meta tags, keywords, page layouts, or dates and times for announce content. Updated content is retrieved in just about any format, as well as page text; PDF, Word, or different digital documents; or music, video and different multimedia system files.

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The website Keyword Monitor can assist you keep the most recent info before you are dealing with these fields:
Dynamic data reports and financial knowledge tables
News sites and related articles
Patent violations
Unauthorized uses of emblems, music’s,images, videos, software’s, or the other copyright-protected contents