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Workopolis Scraper

Workopolis Scraper


A brief sketch
Workopolis is a Canadian web site giving on-line career solutions which permits employers to post jobs and candidates to post resumes so as to attach on-line. Workopolis commits for transformation of recruitment industry which works on expanding your career potential. With Workopolis scraper, one will get the essential information relating to career.
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botguruz Product highlights
Workopolis Scraper highlights
botguruz Extracts and store the entire required job classifieds data in well defined file format.
botguruz Extracts all job related information
botguruz Provides good speed with multiple number of threads potency
botguruz Extract any target knowledge from numerous sites on the web site.
Workopolis Scraper fetches the data from for listed below fields
Jobs Item Link / Job Title / name / Date announce / Location / Position / Description