Web Spider refers to automatic crawling robots. This web spider tool pulls information off the web in a systematic and methodical manner by scanning the web for vital information that can help us achieve the data extraction goals. Unlike all search engines which have their own crawlers to serve a general purpose approach web spider crawls the web for gathering specific information. It could be about a particular sector, industry, category, etc.

Web Spiders searching quick, faster and easier. This web data extractor crawls the Web pages on the Internet, return their content, and index it. After this is done, the search engine can quickly search the local index to identify the most applicable results for your search. Moreover, our spiders not only crawl from websites, they also automate the ‘information collection’ process which typical search engine fails to do. After getting results this hassle free scrapper scans the content, copy and paste the desired information in an application which can be loaded to your system. Through our web spider you can extract results into an excel/CSV file or install the full application to your own system.

Features of our Web Spider :

• It will crawl unstructured data from web and transfer it to excel.
• It can easily extract tabular data from web and will load it to your own system.
• It will crawl web data and transfer it to your database.
• Allows you to download files from the Internet at regular intervals. Use it to download virus updates, information, news feeds, images, music and many more.
• This allows you to test all links in a web page routinely.

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